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PSA Re: "free" credit report/score

I made a mistake on 1/31 and signed up for a free credit report along with score from CIC Credit Report, they are associated with Experian, a credit reporting agency. Well, after sign-up, after I gave them my bank card #, I was notified that I couldn't get a free report because I had used their service in the past-only I haven't. So, on 3/2 I noticed a POS transaction for approval for $9.95 on our bank account. I called the bank and was told I couldn't do anything unless it cleared. It did, on 3/3. I called the 800 # for CIC to get informed that they won't reverse the charges because I had used their service, I hadn't. The rep couldn't even tell me my user-id for their site, but I had supposedly used their service. I don't have a user-id on their website because I never created one, so how could I use their site if I never even got to acess their site? So, my bank is doing a reversal of the charges, and I'm getting a new ATM debit/VISA check card.

If you google CIC Credit Report, you'll find tons of scam reports. Don't fall for their gimmick like I did. I thought it was legit since I got the link after being on Experian's site. Luckily our bank isn't charging us for any of this, not even my card replacement. But this still sucks. I thought I'd warn all of you, so you don't fall victim to this scam. $9.95 may not seem like a lot, but when they do it to thousands of people, that is a lot of money. FWIW we cancelled my card so they couldn't charge it again in a month. The rep claims he cancelled my account, but I don't want to chance it.


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