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Awesome Sale-Beaded Things

I personally have ornaments from Beki, and they are totally awesome. This is a wonderful deal, and a great way to get some Christmas shopping done. :)

Beaded Things is having a customer appreciation sale. Personalized Baby Spoons are buy one get one free until November 1st. Simply enter coupon code “bogo” at checkout to get the discount. The website is http://www.beadedthings.com

In addition Beaded Things will donate $1 for each spoon sold during the remainder of this year to Susan G. Komen for the Cure via the 3Day Walk for Breast Cancer. Beaded Things founder, Becki Sekerak, has walked in the 3Day for the past three years (60 miles in 3 Days) and so far raised over $6,500 by walking. She plans to walk again in 2008.

The perfect gift for a baby who may already have everything, the Beaded Things personalized baby spoon offers a funky alternative to the more traditional – but not very useful – silver spoon.

Searching for that unique gift for a baby with a name you had never even heard of? Looking for a one of a kind gift for a baby who has seemingly every possible baby gadget on the market? Chances are you aren’t the only one! Beaded Things has created the perfect solution for hard to buy for babies everywhere with this personalized spoon.

Hand sculpted wire transforms this spoon into a one of a kind keepsake gift. Your choice of up to 9 letters, embellishment beads and color. Names 8-9 letters long do not get color.

Buy one get one free discount is only valid at BeadedThings.com


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